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Since turning freelance in 1990 I have worked for a wide variety of clients on commissions all over the world. My work has embraced the fields of advertising, architectural, corporate, editorial and PR.

I’ve shot from the very top of bridges and lighthouses, dangled from helicopters and lashed myself to the bow of a huge, three-masted ship plunging into heavy seas. I’ve walked across the cone of a spluttering volcano, faced a charging elephant (and quickly backed away) and trekked in the shadows of the largest mountains on earth. I’ve also done a heck of a lot of normal stuff.

In recent years I have started undertaking self set art projects for exhibitions. I also teach photography as a creative learning tool in schools and I work with community groups on projects that reflect issues that they want to highlight.

My daily rates vary according to the project, but I generally charge in the region of £300 per day. Contact me for further details.