I spent the month of April working as a porter on the 13 day trek up to Everest Base Camp: a tough month for so many different reasons. I got horrendously sick, my feet were ripped to shreds and I was there during the avalanche that tragically killed 16 climbing Sherpas. But I got a great sense of how it is to lug 35 kilograms for a commercial trek up to Base Camp and why the porters do such a tough job. I am currently editing a video from 13 hours of material shot on the trail, which I hope to take to mountain film festivals from this autumn. As part of the project I also made a number of portraits of the porters on a large format camera, these will be form an exhibition due to be launched at The Royal Geographical Society in November and will support the charitable work of Porters’ Progress UK.

More information on my project can be discovered at i-porter.co.uk