For the past 15 years I have carried a Linhof 6×17 with me on the majority of my trips. It’s big, heavy and slightly cumbersome, but I love it. It is a slow and considered way of making pictures, a style that seems to suit my way of looking at the world. I may only shoot a dozen rolls on a particular trip, but I pretty much know that they are all going to be keepers. The camera recently took a nasty fall in Patagonia and I feared that was the end of our beautiful relationship. I watched in horror as the tripod slowly keeled over whilst I was setting up at the Torres del Paine viewpoint – the lens exploded amongst the huge glacial boulders, but I somehow retrieved it. Luckily the good people at Linhof managed to put it back together again. Equally as fortunate was the fact that it was the first trip that I had ever insured it for – phew.