Shortly after moving to Cumbria in 2003 I started working in schools on the back of a photo art project that I had set up. I thought it would be quite a straightforward way of integrating my skills into a learning tool for young children. How wrong I was. It was a tough experience, but I managed to survive and learnt valuable lessons to carry forward. A steep curve, so to speak.

Since then I have worked with some thirty schools across the county, both primary and secondary, on a variety of creative projects that I have either delivered as a solo artist or as part of a collaborative team. Although the work usually involves photography as a starting point to creative exploration I also use a high-end video camera, both as a means to document the work and for the children to work with.

Many of the schools I have worked with on more than one project and I would be happy to supply references if you would like to use my skills in your school.