Welcome to my world.

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I’m a photographer, so what the heck am I doing writing? Shouldn’t I just let my pictures do the talking?

Well, usually, yes, But sometimes I think it’s good to voice an opinion, let you know of something that has taken my eye, or a nugget of very useful information. And besides, I do enjoy writing.

What I plan on writing won’t just be confined to photography though. It may be art in general, architecture, something from nature, or even a link to a song that I’m currently enjoying. It may be a mild rant about an issue that has fired me up, or a trawl through the deep recesses of my memory that ties in with a current project. I’m a well-rounded guy after all and have fairly eclectic tastes.

What I won’t be writing about though is politics or religion. Promise.

I’m aiming to write something on a weekly basis, but please understand that sometimes life gets in the way, or I may be out in the wilderness somewhere. Eclectic and busy – that’s me.

What I mainly hope to do is present a mixture of mild entertainment, combined with a dash of inspiration and a hint of wryness. That’s kind of what makes me tick.

So, dip in whenever you like and please, please comment if you feel sufficiently bothered to. Be nice to know that I’m not alone.

Welcome to my world.